Hora de Cuentos

Because the Spanish Services position is brand new at the Loveland Public library, I’ve been working with my coworkers in the children’s department to get more bilingual resources and programming. Starting in September I will officially be teaming up with our baby story time librarian to offer a bilingual story time, or hora de cuentos! At our latest children’s outreach event we already saw some great responses to the upcoming program!

Hora de cuentos


Fases Lunares – Experience Zone

At my current library, all staff are required to create several experience zones each year. An experience zone is a type of passive programming. The goal is to set up a station with an activity patrons can interact with while in the library. For the districtwide Space Month in March, I created a phases of the moon wheel for children to color and construct. Despite the large Spanish speaking population at my branch, all of our experience zones and book displays are in English. I set up this experience zone as the first Spanish-language activity at my branch and I decided to accompany it with a display of Spanish-language children’s books about space.

Fases lunares – Instructions

Fases Lunares – Wheel

Fases Lunares – Wheel Front

Fases lunares – Example

Espacio – Display Sign


Summer Reading Bookmarks

These bookmarks weren’t part of any coursework, but were inspired by the bookmark I made for my Adult Materials and Services course. Summer reading at the library is especially popular with children and we have a lot of patrons asking for suggestions of books they can read. I decided to make a set of five bookmarks with reading suggestions based on some of the most popular juvenile fiction books at my branch. These books are currently being used at my branch to help kids discover new books. The set of bookmarks is available for download as a PDF.

Summer bookmarks – JFic

Bookmark and Reading Map

I created these for my Adult Materials and Services class and I very much enjoyed having an open ended assignment to explore my passions. I am very interested in feminism as well as LGBTQ rights so I chose to focus on these areas. My bookmark highlights books in genre fiction that feature strong, female protagonists. My reading map is set up as a flow chart to help readers find a book with LGBTQ themes in a variety of genres. Click to enlarge either image.



Multilingual Search Capabilities: A comparison of Goodreads social tagging and the Douglas County Libraries OPAC

This was written as the final paper for my Organization of Information course. The assignment was to compare one site that used social tagging and another that used controlled vocabularies. I looked at the ease (or difficulty) of finding Spanish-language items using the social tagging capabilities of Goodreads and the online public access catalog (OPAC) of the Douglas County Libraries system in Colorado.

Bodnar A4B Final Paper

LSTA (Fictional) Project Proposal: Largo County Tech 2 Go

This grant proposal was the final group project for my Management of Information Organizations course. As a group we used the LSTA grant guidelines for Colorado and proposed a project for the fictional Largo County Regional Library. The project involves converting a bookmobile into a mobile technology lab offering bilingual services targeting the growing migrant population in Largo County.

LIS4040 Mgmt Group Project

Metadata Records

This was part of a project for my Organization of Information course. The assignment involved creating descriptive metadata records for two digital objects as part of a hypothetical collection. The metadata records include sources of controlled vocabularies and were also mapped to Dublin Core. I created records for two pieces of traditional Celtic sheet music.

Bodnar – A1B_Descriptive Records